INFO SECURITY CONFERENCE 2010, May 6th 2010, Singapore

INFO SECURITY CONFERENCE 2010, May 4th 2010, Hong Kong

Black Hat Federal, February 2nd 2010, Washington DC, U.S.

Hacker Halted, 20th-22nd September 2009, Miami, Florida, U.S.

AISA, 12th May 2009, Perth, Australia

Black Hat Security Briefings, 18th - 19th February 2009, Washington DC, U.S., 12th - 13th November 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands

AusCERT, 18th-23rd of May 2008, Goldcoast, Australia

ITWeb security Summit 2008, 6th-8th of May 2008, Johannesburg, South Africa

Infosecurity Europe 2008, 22nd-24th of April 2008, London, U.K.

ICST 2008, 9th-11th of April 2008, Lillehammer, Norway

Black Hat Security Briefings, 18th-21st February 2008, Washington D.C., United States

SANS, 26th of November 2007, London, United Kingdom

Deepsec, 22nd-23rd November 2007, Vienna, Austria

Information Security Decisions, 5th-6th November 2007, Chicago, United States

Black Hat Security Briefings, 1st-2nd August 2007

AusCERT, 20th-25th May 2007, Gold Coast, Australia

Infosec UK, 24th-26th of April 2007, London, United Kingdom

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